Operation Centers (SOCs)

Security Operation Centers (SOCs) help organisations to achieve resilience, they allow better understanding and risk mitigation, as well as detecting and responding to security events when they happen. SOCs help organisations to avoid the negative consequences of security incidents, which can lead to major economic, organisational, or reputational problems. CySOC® provides government organisations and critical infrastructure providers around the world with the tools needed to work in an unrivalled, efficient, and effective manner. This comprehensive solution encompasses all aspects of an organisation’s cyberspace, ensuring the rapid exposure, identification, analysis, and responsiveness needed to fight cyber threats proactively. Through a hybrid and distributed approach, CySOC® continuous monitoring fortifies an organisation’s security posture while preventing, detecting, analysing, and responding to cyber security incidents using a combination of enhanced technologies, along with well-defined processes and procedures.Through the continuous collection and correlation of real data – such as network packets and log files – it delivers an assessment of impact which focuses on identifying the appropriate counter measures. Additionally, through optimisation and economies of scale, CySOC® allows for greater effectiveness and efficiency, with the resulting savings in time, effort, and money.
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