Holistic technology providing situational awareness, with automated decision support mechanisms, advanced reporting, precision dashboards and quick response capabilities.

This is the success story of a provider of electric engineering maintenance services to the manufacturing and transportation industry. They understood that with the growing frequency, complexity and variety of cyber risks imposed on critical infrastructure, they needed to find a solution integrating intelligence with network- collected information, to be able to quickly respond and mitigate in case of a cyber attack.

The organisation deployed the CySOC® comprehensive solution, which immediately enabled them to:

  • Monitor and respond to security events
  • Gather extensive data from various intelligence sources
  • Gain visibility on their vulnerabilities and their attack surface
  • Develop a proactive improvement plan
  • Strengthen their overall resilience to cyber threats

Since the deployment of CySOC® in the customer’s IT environment more than 16’000 alerts have been triggered and more than 90 cases created for different types of anomalies.

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